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The struggle to find a good skincare is real. Especially, when I have quite a chaotic skin type (Dry, Redness, Sensitive). I have tried different kind of products from drugstore to hing-end products, some of them worked for me and some of them just made it worse. Thus, I decided to strip back my skincare and keep only products that I knew worked for me and stick to them.

  • LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask (Berry)

My sister is the one who introduced and recommended me to try this product and Thank God I listened to her because of this I can say goodbye to dry and chapped lips. It has a sweet berry, strawberry candy scent but not too strong. Although the product seems to be tinted light pink, it goes on colourless on the lips. The texture of it is between that of a very thick moisturiser and a silky balm.

Despite the product is lip sleeping mask, there is no doubt that you can also wear it during the day. For me personally, I’m not the type of person who always wear lipstick or lip balm during the day, thus I just slather it on, head to bed and leave it overnight. You’ll see the results immediately (no kidding!) you’ll find your lips softer, hydrated and plumper the next morning. Even though, I did not wear it during the day, my lips did not dry at all, it stayed soft and hydrated. This product is totally worth every penny and really a little goes a long way. Link to get it, HERE.

  • LANEIGE Water Bank Moisture Cream

I love, love, LOVE this moisturiser (do I need to say more?). It’s an opaque white cream with a light consistency. It absorbs into my skin almost instantly. At first it leaves a very slight film but within minutes, all of the cream is absorbed and I can hardly feel anything on my face. It does not feel greasy on the skin like other moisturisers I’ve tried before, which is good because I hate the greasy feeling (Duh! who doesn’t?). I use this product both day and night. I find that my skin feels mush softer, plumper and refreshed after using the cream. Most importantly there is no more dry patches or flaky skin. Link to get it, HERE.

  • MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray

Absolutely love this product! it was definitely worth trying. This product is great to hydrate your skin and retain the moisture in your skin when it’s feeling dry. I spray it all over my face right after I am done with my skin care routine as well as after I am done with my make up. It smells amazing and it makes my skin dewy and it helps calm the redness on my skin. Link to get it, HERE.

So there we have it, three skincare staples that I am rarely without!


With love,

Rana ♡



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