Today is my birthday and I turned 23 years old. Yes, I’m getting old. I have no plans for today, because I don’t really celebrate birthday. All I do is sleeping and eating chocolates.

23 years

However, what have I actually learned in those years?

1. Be patient. Because good things take times. I’ve learned over the years that nothing comes easy, that I have to really work hard for the things I want to achieve, but sometimes I can be so impatient.
2. Lost & found. 2 years ago I lost my beloved dad. Ever since, my life turned upside down. I’m still trying to deal with the grief and trying to go on with my life. But I do believe that this will get better in time.
3. Be positive & don’t overthink. Trying to be positive is hard, especially if your surrounding is full of negative vibes. But, negative thinking does not do you any good, it does not solve your problems, in fact, it makes it worst. Hence, what the use?.
4. Do what you love and fxk what other people think.
5. Be humble. Always.
6. Be healthy. This part is hard. But I’ll try.
7. Keep learning new things. Read books everyday.
8. Appriciate little things.
9. Everything is temporary. This world is temporary, nothings last forever. Always grateful for what you have now. Alhamdulillah.
10. Let go of all the the things I can’t control. Be at peace with yourself.


With Love,



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